Muffin Tin Frittatas

3 Ingredient Frittata Muffin pic

Mission accomplished. I was able to get one tired little newborn to sleep! Meal prep time to make my life little easier for at least a few days!  Muffin tin frittatas are such a great way to gets  healthy dose of protein and keep me going for a while!  It's quite challenging Read More

Summer Quinoa Salad


Hi Leah!  What's a good quinoa salad recipe?  Something light that can be used as a side dish or add-on to make a big salad? Thanks! -Kate I have attempted this post many a times, as I have been on baby-demand 24/7!  I found the time to whip up a recipe I liked, but then to Read More

First Week with Baby!

Me n Evie

All I can say is WOW.  Mind blown.  From labor to delivery to seeing her for the first time, holding her in my arms, hearing her little cry, and feeling the most intense kind of love I've ever felt in my life, I have been changed forever.  And absolutely for the better. There are Read More

Oatmeal “Lactation” Cookies

lacta cookies w bottles for post

Due to my challenges and struggles with milk supply (I'm currently working on finishing a post on the first week postpartum covering all that!!), I decided to go ahead and make some oatmeal "lactation" cookies.  If you have struggled yourself, I'm sure you're familiar with these! If not, Read More