Healthy Fudge Pops Recipe

took a bite, fudge pop

Fudgsicles.  I remember them from my childhood.  Safe to say I've always been a chocoholic!  As an adult (if that's what I am now), I don't eat nearly as much of the sweets I used to for multiple reasons.  So the idea of creating a healthy fudge pop definitely interests me! Read More

Hydrate!!! 5-Day Water Challenge

strawberry mint lemon

Water retention.  Bloating.  Cravings.  Fatigue.  Hunger.  Slow or poor digestion.  Sounds a lot like pregnancy (trust me, I know!), but truth be told these symptoms are not limited to those who are expecting!  Most of us do not consume enough water throughout Read More

Review: Vegan Shakeology

strawberry shakeology in pineapple bowl

Last week I posted on both social media and here on my blog that I ordered a sample pack of Vegan Shakeology and would provide an update let you all know what I thought about it!  It came with two single-packs of (vegan) strawberry and two single-packs of (vegan) chocolate.  I just Read More

Pregnancy Update, 38 Weeks

preggo in pink blush dress

38 weeks!  She's almost here!  Just like I wrote on Instagram, it's gone both fast and slow at the same time.  It definitely seems a lot faster when you're watching someone else on their pregnancy journey.  As far as your own it's difficult not to get impatient sometimes in Read More