Protein Powders During Pregnancy & Postpartum


Hi Leah,  I wanted to see what you thought about using protein powders during pregnancy and postpartum (while I breastfeed).  Will it effect my milk supply?  Will it harm the baby or have any negative effects on me while I'm pregnant?  I really appreciate it! ~Julie Read More

Matcha Hemp Energy Balls


You may have seen a trend in my posts lately.  I'm all about the quick and easy meals and snacks since having my little one.  It's so important to stay healthy and energized, and as you know from my post on protein bars, I won't be snacking or filling up on those all day!  That's why Read More

Cajun & Garlic Spiced Almonds

recipe pic

Safe to say I'm obsessed with almonds.  Whether they're raw, roasted, sprouted, sliced, slivered, salted or un-salted, or ground to make almond butter, I'm all about it.  When I wrote the post snacks for the busy mom, it got me thinking what other ways I could enjoy one of my favorite Read More

My Favorite Kale Salad Recipe

Fave Kale Salad with logo

My favorite kale salad recipe.  How have I not shared this sooner?!  I "discovered" this salad years ago at a cafe (Coral Tree) near my old apartment in Brentwood.  Since then I've managed to find similar versions at my favorite cafe in Scottsdale, Arizona, (La Grande Orange) and the Read More