Almond Butter Cookies (GF, Paleo)

almond butter cookies

Hi Leah,  Do you have a cookie recipe that's a little healthier than most?  A nut butter one or chocolate chip but still paleo and gluten free?  Thanks.  ~Susan, NV I just love making unhealthy things just a little bit healthier.  I still believe in indulging Read More

Peanut Butter Muffins (GF, V)

pb muffins

Hey Leah,  Do you have a savory peanut butter muffin recipe you like?  I know you put a healthy spin on your recipes, and so many of the peanut butter muffins are pretty decadent.  Thanks!  ~Marienne, CA  Oh, peanut butter, I think many of us are in love with you. Read More

Healthy Blueberry Muffins

inner blueberry muffin

Dear Leah Renee,  I often swing by my local coffee shop for my caffeine fix on my way to work and am always so tempted to pick up one of those muffins staring at me through the case.  Do you have a healthy version I can pop in my bag and take with me that won't be so many Read More